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You’d be quite surprised how a lot of Goths don’t like rainy days, but I am most certainly one of those who LOVE rainy days and for one reason in particular… Movies/Films/the fun and comedic masichistic, “The Adams Family” and the beautiful monster family I fell in love with as a child, “The Munsters!”

Plans for today, hmmm…. well other than having to do the daily cleaning, most important for right now though is trying to soothe poor Lady from the thunder. I feel horrible having to see her shiver in fear of natures sound effects. And with such an adorable face full of an expression of please hug me! Aww, it’s almost tempting to give in and shower her with all the cuddles and bones in the world. haha but, I have my own methods.

But first! Time to get the skull goblets ready, lunch cooked and prepared, and the sweet homemade sugar cookies set as the base for a delicious desert. And after having prepared the yummy indoor picnic, to then press play, sit down, eat, and watch my all time favorite movie- “Munsters Go Home”.

Tons of Love Bites,