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I fell in love with this anime just recently, so that is why it is “new”. But I really fell in love with it since it reminded me of my nick name that my beloved Vicky (one of my best friends/sister) gave me when we first became friends in the 9th grade. -Freshman year of highschool- You would never guess it. Alright, I’ll tell you. My nick name was/is “Kitsune” or “Kitsune-Chan”. ^,.,^ It’s the japanese word for fox.

And having recently seen “Kanon” it made me fall in love once again with my nickname. ❤

Here the Link for the dubbed version if you wish to watch:

As for the original version in japanese, I’ve been looking all over for a good site to find it full without skipped parts, but so far no luck.

It’s a touching anime so don’t begin why you’re crying a small tear later on. hehe