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So I can say that I was able to get the hang of things a lot better than what I could have imagined since not having ridden a bike in over eight years. Thankfully no crashing into an electrical pole or parked car, but I guess once an accident prone ALWAYS an accident prone. -,.,-

So I was on my way home, back from biking around and getting lost towards the end with my little sister (haha, the getting lost part was fun, but not so much for the pale skin) so about a good 20 blocks away from arriving home; I looked back to see in case of an incoming traffic to be in the clear, but when I was back in focus, it was too late to get back on track and then before I knew it I was reliving my whole accident prone life again.

So what occurred; I crashed my bike into a meter and went flying forward and got some nice bruising and fabric burn on the knee. But I was more worried about my glasses rather than myself since without those little guys I can’t see from far when driving! O,.,O (The glasses were okay, but it wasn’t until I got home that I FINALLY realized exactly how bad I got bruised up.)

(That purple shape with a green ring around it is just the formation of what I’ll see tomorrow) -,.,-

 Right Leg

  Left Leg Left Leg again…

Hmm.. to tell you the truth though, I was hoping for the same old small wounds I would get as a kid. You know, the ones that would form the scabs and look cool at first and hurt a lot later. Oh well, but I’m happy that I didn’t. I can’t afford such injuries with a low immune system still and I’ve had enough of antibiotics/needles/hospitals for a good while! And I’m sure heading back there over a minor wound such as that because of a low immune system would not be all to fun. Then again, it never is nor was. >,.,<

Just remember, be careful and don’t look the other direction too long or else you’ll go flying forward like I did.

Tons of Love Bites,