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So want to know how it turned out?
Well, there was a slight change in the lunch/main-corse. So instead of chicken I used a spicy mango sausage. Simply sauted for 8-10 minutes and tadaa. It’s ready.

But I took some yummy pictures and have few tasty recipes from todays meal. Mmmm! ^,.,^

So, appetizer went well. Finn Crisps with a bit or brie and a new try at blue cheese brie. Never been a fan of it and now that I’ve gotten the chance to sink my fangs in a small slice I don’t think I’ll ever be willing to give it a second chance. Hmm.. but my love hasn’t tried it yet I think… Time for him to give it a go!

Lunch: Preparation. Got my brother to help out. haha A mini sous chef!

Time for a boil


Then it was time for desert. So here was a new spin on a few things I enjoy eating. Something new especially for the little picky eater, Mr. tiny sous chef.

Desert- For desert, I used my favorite Granny Smith Apples. No I haven’t eaten Granny. I’m not the Big Bad Wolf, although I would kill for a nice rare piece of meat right now… anywho… The Green apples give the super sweet desert and nice tangy, sour taste to it with an extra kick from a hint of cinnamon. Mmm, and as before, fresh homemade whipped cream. I don’t really bother using the pressurized canned ones. And as the delicious base for this desert, fresh homemade sugar cookies. Mmmm… someone seems to making herself quite hungry again. Hurry, hand me an apple QUICK!

Hope the weekend was a good one!

Tons of Love Bites,