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The Gothic life style has always been a part of me since my interest hit me like flaming red arrow heading towards it awaiting target to make full on contact in the bullseye. But what with being in a society that isn’t so “open-minded” about this beautiful subculture it becomes quite tedious, though a lot of fun, shopping around for something I like. So online shopping is the way to go!
And yes, there are ways of dressing presentable/professional/etc while being Goth. It is not rocket science. A lot of people just think that it’s nothing but mere childs play. That’s perfectly fine, but to my amazement and to those of the many people I’ve come across; they’ve asked me about my style of clothing and have actually given quite some honest and nice comments along with wonderful questions that I simply enjoy answering to send them away from the stereotypical comments and day-to-day gossip of how Goths are “sooo scary”.

But where I’m getting at here is how I’ve just recently followed a most intriguing and marvelous blog, TDL’S, (Go check it out!) and their lovely collections called “Rockin’ Republic” and “Zanzabar”. Both collections were complete with tons of sweet accessories that I can most definitely combine with a lot of daily outfits and that quite a lot of friends I know would like.

So here’s the link (Blog) http://tresorsdeluxe.wordpress.com/

(Webshop) http://www.tresorsdeluxe.com/

But before I’m off, what’s a Goth girl without a little Neuroticfish?

Tons of Love Bites,