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It seems sureal to know that yesterday was quite such a wonderful birthday, and not so much with the pain of riding a bike after oh I’d say, eight years. Ouch. >,.,< But today, after every birthday, was time to go now celebrate my now passed birthday at my aunts house; also as a great way of visiting my Aunt and Grandmother.

After a bit of driving we were there. And walking outside was with an extra bonus of a lovely view.

It seems as if it were just painted onto a canvas.

Only one duck… hmmm where are the rest? o,.,o

 Time to head back

It’s the “Tree of Ages” from Inuyasha! I felt almost like Kagome walking closer into view to the tree. ^,.,^ haha

haha, I caught them!

 The wooden gate was quite nice.

Time to run back! (Here are two of my siblings running for their lives, Mwuahaha! Okay, no not really, yet. They’re just racing. Boy v.s. Girl)

And for the yummy dinner tonight, homemade Tacos! Time go and have some fun in the kicthen and help out. ^,.,^

Tons of Love Bites,