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It’s now into the second week since finishing with my semester at college and what with not having much on my schedule yet planned out what do you mean “planned out”. You never do.- em… okay sometimes I do not, but now being out and having all the free time in the world Mwuahaha, I shall begin to devise my master plans of pure genius to begin my taking over the world and supreme reign of an all lovely Gothic world!

——————- STAND BY…—————————————-

Okay, no, but I can dream can’t I? So I was out riding around in my bike and with a hungry stomach I was beginning to think a few delicious and healthy meals that a few people have asked about and how I make them. (You know who you are if you’re ready this.) So, with all this tummy rumbling it’s off to the kitchen for some cooking and baking.

Lets see how it all comes out!

Appetizer- Finn Crisps with Brie Cheese (For those who are new to Brie, I suggest you introduce it to yourselves from eating the center and working your way out to the flesh. Yes,  you eat it!)

Lunch- Asparagus with fried egg and Chicken (This dish can be eaten without chicken as a breakfast, and for lunch I usually pair it with fish rather than chicken, but the fish was not defrosted)

Desert- Baked Apple slices with cinnamon topped with fresh whipped cream and a sugar cookie base.