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Sniffling and sneezing is what began the morning of today, so a little sleeping in and having a chance to talk with my love made it quite a lovely morning. And then, I was off on a mission to find and purchase a new bike. Yes! I was very happy I was able to have that as a present from my dad. ^,.,^ After a few practice runs once home, it was then time to get Gothed up and head to my beloved Jess’ home! ^,.,^

Once at my destination, I was welcomed with “Happy Birthday!” and then with an opening of a door to see both Jess and Zully. But to my greatest surprise was seeing four others pop out of nowhere from a whole other section of the apartment! O,.,O

*Jumps around with laughter and is very shocked at the same time* haha So who was it? Sammi, her sweet love and our friend, Sarge, Danny and another guest that I was not given the name of. But I was so very happy to see them all. I missed them greatly and seeing them and having an all classic Goth party with sweet bats on a yummy cake made by Jess was simply the greatest! It was truly the best birthday!

So where’s the cake!? >,x,< It’s going… o,.,o

Now I’m going to devour it!


Hmmm…. So you are now 19 years old… are you ever going to change from what you regularly wear and do/are, etc? NO! I will go ahead and update my lovely wardrobe, but not change my style. Goth is my lifestyle and personal interest/preference. Besides, if I did, then that wouldn’t really be the person who I am today.

And what more? To go ahead and enjoy a few fruits and an Adora BatBrat Youtube Video! Here’s the link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TlONkLFgn3M&feature=autoplay&list=UL2X9ZlYQZyxM&playnext=10

Ooh, and here’s the link (if you’re interested) to her awesome blog!: http://adorabatbrat.blogspot.com/

Tons of Love Bites,


Thank you for the lovely Birthday wish Lily! ❤ And thank you everybody for such a wonderful day! ^,.,^