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Every Birthday Goth girl deserves a fun song to dance to and my song of choice:

As the turned 12:00 am, it was officially May 4th and I recieved a lovely call from my lovely sister, Jess, wishing me a Happy Birthday. And what with my favorite movie, “Underworld: Evolution” playing last night at that hour it was simply pure joy! ^,.,^

Buon Compleanno a me! Woohooo!! Yeah! Feliz Cumpleano!

Hehe, recieved tons of lovely Happy Birthday wishes and felt (still feel) very loved. So, after being able to speak to my sweet love this morning, it’s now time to go ahead and get ready to head over to my beloved Jess’ home and hang with her till the later evening. By then to arrive home and have some delicious cake! hehe ^,.,^ It’s tons of fun having a birthday on a Friday. It only means more cake eating time! haha XD

Tons of Love Bites,