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It has been a good 3 months now with this new laptop, mind you this is the third, but I have my sneaky ways of getting a new one. It’s quite helpful especially when you know where to go to at your moms work for technical help and being able to find some of them lying about to made new and brought back to life. Mwuahaha, BUT… I guess it was bound to happen sometime and so… I was sitting around fixing up a few things around, but when I was called by little brother to come kill a huge mosquito (yes, we get them here in florida) I got up a little too fast and then bang!

-Press the Panic Button!-

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!” “Oh my God!!” “Agh!!” My laptop fell with a loud bang. So far everything is doing okay, checked up everything and it all sounds and works great. As for next time, I think I might as well sit on the floor and take it from there. Heights, not such a good thing for laptops or other electronical gadgets.

*sigh* As for now, it’s time to go ahead and sketch a bit and munch on some food. Although, what with being sick and all.. you don’t really tend to have much of such an appetite. >,.,<

Tons of Love Bites,