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It is the second of May, one month and a half since I was at the hospital and terribly ill with a not so fun disease. So far no colds were caught after going through everything I did, until I arrived home.”Here we go again.”I though, but I then got better and was germ free. Well, you are NEVER really germ free, but as for illness, yes.

But now, >,.,< I’m back again with another cold, symptoms began sometime around l’ora di pomeriggio (the afternoon hour). So what occurs this morning, ding-ding-ding! The cold was upon me. Noo!!! Agh, well hopefully before May 12 I’ll be back to “normal”. Well, at least not ill. When the body has gone through a serious/dramatic experience such as going through Meningitis or any sort of disease, you are never truly healed. It takes about a good year for the body to have officially rid itself of the toxins and weak state that it is in through that time.

Now it’s off to go ahead and bake some yummy sweets and figure out what to eat!

Tons of Love Bites,