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To think the month of spring flowers after rain showers is already here is simply amazing. Time flies by so fast, BUT this Goth girl is not going to let it take the best of her! Well, for sleep yes. It is nearly 01:00 am and having been awake for more than 17 hours without any cat naps in between is not good for the skin. So it’s off to bed my love said and onto the sweet world of dreams and hugs from a skelanimal bat named Skully. (His original name is Diego, but I just couldn’t continue to call him a childrens tv character from Dora The Explorer.) So Skully stook to him like super adhesive (super/crazy glue) without trouble.

So, it’s now the first week of quite a decent college free vacation until June the 16th and so far I’ve had quite a lot of fun and GREAT progress with creating a wonderful/sweet/delicious recipe for a yummy dessert!

But for now, my sweet love has asked me to turn my adventures into dreams for tomorrow and more and head off to bed. And so, it’s sweet dreams and a good night to everyone, that is… until tomorrow. haha

Tons of Love Bites,


Sweet music to my ears. -grabs her wolf tail and falls asleep with sweet tranquility.