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I simply find your blog to be adorable and interesting. I know it’s the taking of time to get a feel for it, but I just love it! The skelanimal is quite adorable as well. I wonder do you always go ahead and dress or pretty much be yourself all the time? Or do you find difficult with the closed minded people of society that surround you to express yourself? Tons of kisses. Emily

Fear? …. hmmm, it will be if you let it get the better of you.

1.) So here’s a question I’m always asked, NO MATTER, where I go or walk by/through. I always do dress and behave just as my same old self and never hide it. I find it to be horrible, honestly, to hide or not be so comfortable with ones self, but I was never like that until my freshman year of highschool (what with having gone through a lot of tough experiences with how society and people look upon you). 

2.)Hmmm…. Do I find it difficult to express myself within quite a closed minded society? No. I know that it is difficult since A LOT of people do not accept you or try to be so willing to look past the stereotypical point of view. “Never judge a book by its cover.”? Yeah. It’s easy to shut yourself in a tight cocoon and simply let the stereotypical comments cloud the mind rather than to think “hmm, I wonder this, or I would like to say that, but…etc” who knows. So for my answer to that, I do not find it difficult to dress up the way I do or express myself in such a place. All it is is my choice of lifestyle and if it is a preference of mine that makes me the most happiest then so be it!

Tons of Love Bites,