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Hmph, so it looks like this post did not load Wednesday night. Grrr, well at least it’s going to show this time… hmmm Maybe it was George. -,.,-

Anyway, Wednesday April 25, two days before my sweet sister was off for departure with her mom, it was time for the last fun trip, well… more like dentist trip. It looked pretty cool though! I found myself feeling as if I were brought into a world of the Sherlock Holmes era in a very classic yet quite astonishingly refurbished/antique feeling dental office.

Getting teeth drilled is not much fun. >,.,< But it’s better than when you have to get your four wisdom teeth removed in one shot while being able to feel the one of them being cracked in half. haha, I will say this though, it was quite entertaining being able to see the surgery “channel” from my dentist protective surgery eye gear! haha XD My preference of entertainment, how amusing.

In all, the drugged up Helen then walked out feeling all numb and we were off to my home and what awaited her was a comfy bed and pillows to curl up on and a long nap.

After four hours of anesthesia and a numb tongue, the okay was then given for the green flag and for her time to eat. Wihoooo! ^,.,^

 We both found it to be quite pretty. Antique looking.

The patient herself. Isn’t she pretty? ❤

 Getting ready for the dentist.

They had some really neat 60-80 year-old stamps in a frame. Oooh… let’s see what they are.

 Sadly I couldn’t tell from what countries they were from since most of the lettering had faded away. That’s time for ya.

Sadly, yet glad she made it safe and sound, she arrived at her destination, Daytona Beach, at 01:00 am in the morning. Bleh… >,.,< I hate that feeling.

But receiving her phone call was what made my day! ^,.,^ Now, for tomorrow I shall give her a call. I miss my sweet Helen. T,.,T

Tons of Love Bites,