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At the aunts house getting ready to celebrate my youngest sisters birthday. (It was on April 25, but it’s always a tradition to celebrate it altogether as well, a second time, with my Aunt and Grandmother.) ^,.,^

The cake was a yummy surprise of chocolate and malva. Mmmm.. Too good. Dinner was simple Chinese take out, but no dinner compares to a deliciously, extremely rare steak from the dinner a night before. It was a little too rare though for my mom and younger sister. (The one older than the youngest. i.e- birthday girl)

Oh well. I LOVE it!!! *Devours rare steak without hesitation* Mmm, delicious.

 Delicious blood! It oozes into my plate.

All finished and left with a blood dripping piece. Mmmm


That being yesterdays meal. Todays yummy cake!

 The little sister and her cake. Quite the happy one.

And the surprise taste… Chocolate!

Tons of Love Bites,