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So yesterday was my youngest sisters birthday, just turned 15. ^,.,^ Happy Birthday! Everything was going great, but apparently George had some plans of his own for a unique, ghostly present.

Apparently George wanted to be the life of the party for the day so I’m guessing, this mischievious spirit thought nothing of it with playing around with the closed and locked doors and puppies. But I had no idea of such thing until I was told this when I arrived home. So around 01:00 pm, Jojo (yes Mr. big lug) XD, was outside barking and getting on my sisters nerves and so she put him inside closed the outside and garage door and put him in the kitchen. Now, there are two doors. The one in the kitchen and the one that leads from the kitchen to the outside. (i.e outside door).

Nothing happened after that, so she and my dad were outside,Β nonna was sleeping; but fifteen minutes later the dogs were out. But to her surprise, the door was still closed shut. Left alone and the same way as how she left it. I’m beginning to think that my dogs can now walk through walls or something. Hmmm… -,.,-

As for today, all I’ve said to George was good morning and so far nothing else has happened. Other than a few tugs here and there. -sigh-

Tons of Love Bites,