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Having sisterly bond/friend funny’s with my sweet sister Helen. Todays events were endeavored to its fullest and met with tons of laughter and recordings of the ridiculous/insane/silly moments that we had and have been enjoying to the fullest before she is due to leave the city of Miami. T,.,T *grabs tissue and sniffles* I will miss her terribly, but thankfully we shall keep in contact! All the while, I was supposed to upload the videos of today, but instead I shall upload the photos and then post the video of our little adventures tomorrow after a few bits and pieces of “here and there” editing. Agh… >,.,< Alright enough with all my rambling, onto the photos!

Where did she go? … o,.,o There she is. Our drinking means huge wine glasses for any occassion. And we mean HUGE!

Someone is getting fancy. hahaMore drinking. XDPacked and ready to go! She looks quite adorable in this photo. Oh! Don’t forget your wet floor signs now… hehe

On theย train! Ooh, I have purple lips. Pretty!

ย Second photo on the train. Wihoo!

Well that’s the first part of the Monday Trip. Part 2 is to be posted tomorrow. Until then.

Tons of Love Bites,