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For quite some time, I’d say three -five months prior to the turning of the New Year of 2012, my dad had mentioned something about our house having a ghost named George. Now, first off, he mentioned that it was just someting he made up, but now I’m beginning to think otherwise. Apparently Mr. George is real since his little games began with waking my younger sister at 3:00 am to the noise of footsteps walking back and forth from hall to hall. She asked the following morning if there was anyone awake at that hour; we all said no.

So we brushed it off and thought it was but a lowly opossum. Weeks after, my youngest sister tells me that my phone is possessed and that she over heard a discussion being carried on by a little girl and a strange, frightening, melodic sound. Yet… I heard nothing and the phone is about 6 inches away from my bedside on a nightstand.. hmmm. Then another “encounter,” but this time I had apparently sat up, with eyes closed, turned towards her, and stayed like that for quite a good amount of time. I don’t even remember ANY of that. hmmm… Damnit George! Alright, now with what has happened I kept an open mind, but still was a bit on the skeptic side since I hadn’t had anything happen to me. (NO I do not mean being a skeptic of spirits overall, I’ve already had my own encounters in many places.) So it was now my turn, so I assume George had though. What happened first was that I over heard a panicky scream of fear and then something about a window opening on its own, brushed it off, then right before heading off into the shower I see the crank, what opens the window, turn three times, I got a bit wide eyed… o,.,o, felt a bit of a cold chill and heard a soft shrill (all the while being alone in there) and I was out asking who did that voice. My responses from the rest “you’re imaginning things”, “haha, very funny” -no you dummy- x,.,x

So, now I’m beginning to wonder if I should leave my camera on recording for a good portion of the night and check it out to then see George is up to. But first, I must put on my moon crystal and see what’s kicking. Let’s see what happens.

Tons of Love Bites,