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*Grabs a deck of cards and gets fangs ready for a good round of blood betting with the victims*

It’s the beginning of the weekend, Saturday, and my grandmother has now come to the states and it’s time to visit. Yes! So far, I haven’t been driven batty. Saw my favorite aunt, ate delicious pizza and then we were all going on about a question if there was any sweet goodies. Haha, sadly no, but the next best thing was up next. A deck of cards and good game of “21.” I won it all! -Liar! don’t make up crazy nonsense. Okay, okay, so I didn’t win the whole time. I lost AND won. There happy.. alright that’s better.- So what with playing with the little brother and sister; we were passing cards across the table and yelling out “hit me!” O,.,O *ducks down* Not literally. aghhh!!! >,.,< I did, but I didn’t mean it literally. Oh well.. So then it was up playing with my grandmother, and then with my aunt.

Then a new game was introduced, “Grab another deck”, “what;” “agh… okay.” Let the game of “Pipon” begin! The game is simple, pass out all the cards to however many players are a part of the game, take out all your pairs, everyone then grabs from another player counter clockwise and lastly the goal of the game, DO NOT end up with the Ace of Spades as your last card. The one who DOES have the infamous Ace of Spades in their hand as their final card is then the loser and is then dubbed “Pipon.”

I almost got it, but I was able to pass it through before I landed through with it. Wihoooo! XD Mwuahahaha. Then it was a game of “War” and we all know how long that can go on. In all, it was a fun hilarious night filled with laughs and my winnings from my victims. hehe. ^,.,^ Although, next weekend, since I was unable to bring my aunt her gift today, I shall bring her my present to her with the yummy goodies of sugar cookies.

Ah, and here’s a funny little bit of a favorite of mine- Spy vs. Spy

Tons of Love Bites,