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*Plays Code 64 and dances around with skelanimal bat* ^,.,^

Alright… well, sadly not in truth. I wish though! But shhh… no one knows of my secret stash. ^,.,^ *jumps around all happy* haha One thing I’m not sure of is why I’m holding a pair of pajama’s for a friend. -,.,- Agh… Anywho, apparently my little adventure of the day -from first class to the last- had led to seeing quite a few old friends and having our intersting conversations just as the old times. haha But of course it comes with a bit of a price when knowing that one of your sisters (not by blood) is moving to a whole other city within the state. T,.,T Was not too happy, still am not, but my depressing feelings had left the wrought iron gated mind and left a nice space for a bit of a toothy smile. ^,.,^ Why? Because of a painting I had finished and made for her to have throughout her life.

Sorry about the poor lighting, but I’ll put up a couple or so with better lighting that really shows the whole detail.

Happy Friday!

Tons of Love Bites,