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So after the first ordeal, what with the panicking done over Nemo’s disappearance, as if that wasn’t enough, apparently the next cat in line for a whole disappearance act was Bella. – Damnit all! These cats are going mad. Uh-oh, wait what about a tooth? O,.,O I swear I had NOTHING to do with it! -,.,- yeah sure.. you know you did it! What!? o,.,o-

So, this kitty had something totally different in mind and decided to pull a little stunt that I was very famous for, hiding in the closet. haha -,.,- oh boy. I think I’ve corrupted my own cat. hmmm… “Izzy what did you do?” o,.,o “What!? I don’t know anything.. ” *jumps and hides underneath the bed* Phew… >,.,< Well, after walking around like a looney going from room to room, I went back to the last room and opened the closet. And who did I find in the corner.. “ding, ding, ding!” the fat kitty. Okay, she’s not that bad, but I just love calling her a cute, fat kitty. More to hug. haha

And here she is the devil herself-

And now… a happy kitty in my lap.

-Um are we forgetting something here… hmm? what? The tooth… Oh, eh… hmmm alright, alright.. I’ll get to that. geez.-

As for the whole thing about a tooth, well how many of you have actually pulled your own tooth out? (baby tooth I mean…) Many I’m sure, now if I were to explain my way of doing so.. hmmm well why not.. (WARNING: Explanation not for weak at heart and STOMACH.) I would go ahead and, this may sound a tad masochistic, actually dig/slip my finger nail or tip of my finger underneath my tooth and just lift up and it would simply make a slight pop and it was out. haha I would enjoy walking up to my parents and telling them just how it would “fall out.” They would just say in return that I should be careful and that it was gross. haha But the matter at hand is that it finaly came to the day that my little brother came to the evil dentist for a tooth pulling. -Mwuahahaha, let me see those pearly whites little ones.- And so, it was time to pull that sucker out from its cozy, fleshy home of blood and pink gum tissue, damn thing put up a bit of a fight, but it finally came out when I had made him laugh and then he finally said.. “oh, it’s out. I’ll miss it.” -,.,- This coming from the one who thought I’d take out his whole set of teeth out.

Pictures- (WARNING ONCE AGAIN- not for the weak at anything) Hey… I have to have blood and live bits at that. Otherwise what sort of girl would I be? hmm… onwards.

 If only it were as bloody as mine were when they popped right out. Ah… such fond memories.

Well, it of too bed sweet bloggers.

Tons of Love Bites,