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But it just so happens that this demon is starring in the new movie “Dark Shadows” directed by Tim Burton, starring Johnny Depp. A film based on the life of an imprisoned vampire who is set free and returns to his ancenstral home to his dysfunctional descendants that are, so it seems, in need of protection. A hilarious, film, with a dark, touching beginning filled the ever wonderful work of Tim Burton and Johnny Depps most incredulous acting!

“[from trailer] Carolyn Stoddard: Are you stoned or something?

Barnabas Collins: They tried stoning me, my dear. It did not work” 

Quote from:  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1077368/quotes

Hmmm… haha I only wonder now. *Stands infront of mirror and tries to fix hair..*

uh- oh… o,.,o

hmm… oh well. *shrugs shoulders*

Tons of Love Bites,