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So, apparently Friday, April 13 was the birthday of John. A Homestuck character and my beloved sister (Sammi), just so happened to come up with a day planned of funny business for this very event…. Just so happens that it was also quite a windy day to boot. So what happened, my balloon flew off into the air and landed on the ground and popped! T,.,T Nooooo!!! *tears* BUT… My balloon lasted way longer than hers did. Mwuahahaha. At least I won that bit. hehe ^,.,^

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFO9i1eY1Dg (Yes.. I know. No one can hear my voice at the beginning. em… oh well.) o,.,o

The 2nd attempt at giving the balloons a go went better than what we had planned. (They survived! YAY!!)  Very happy with that, but not too happy to know that the wind carried away my previous green balloon to the ground on the grass. Oh well. I made a better balloon anyway and it LIVED! WooooWhoo 🙂 But during this whole day of fun and games, I ended up recording bits and pieces of our funny moments before the rest of the gang arrived. ^,.,^

Tons of Love Bites,


Hope you all enjoyed the weekend! ^,.,^