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*Pulls out two chocolate bunnies. Bites the ears off from one and the tail from the other* Mmmm Yummy! hahaha Reason for this, well, I always have my sadistic moments, but mostly it was from quite and interesting photo my friend had posted in his facebook.

haha XD How I love such humor.

So, Saturday was the visit of my dearly missed cousins and uncle (my cousins are older than I, these are amongst the rest). ^,.,^ I hadn’t seen them since Christmas and what with being in the hospital and not having sorts of communication with them I did miss them so. ❤ My other cousin, the oldest out of my older cousin (they are siblings too), is also expecting another cute baby on the way, her first born is just so adorable. Everytime they’ve had the time to stop by for a visit I just can’t stop hugging her to death. She is just too adorable! ^,.,^

Anyway, we talked, catched up a lot, and had tons of laughs and a good time as always! But they had to then leave around 3 in the afternoon T,.,T so now it is just another wait until their next visit. I cannot wait.

As for today, there was still that small issue with trying to get Nemo down from the roof. -rolls out blue print onto drawing board and devises a plan to catch the kitty- *Grabs ladder* “Alright, now that that is set, lets get that cat.” “Um..Izzy what are you doing? o,.,O” ehh….”Nothing! O,.,O”…

…anwho, my dad and I set up the ladder since we finally saw his pink ears pop up from the corner and he climbed the ladder to get him while I called with kisses and meowed away whenever he meowed. Funny thing here is that, since he associates my dad as the person with the medicine and needles, since Nemo seems to get sick somehow with minor colds, and a few teeth needing to be pulled (which did get pulled), he did not come to my dad and so it was my turn to climb up the ladder and grab the little rascal.

And so, I called out his name as soon as got up to do so, gave him sweet praises of happiness and of being proud of him walking towards me and before he saw it coming, I grabbed him from the scruff and carried him and handed him to my dad. Then came the part of coming down the 10′ (foot) ladder, you know how they tell you not to look down, well, this Goth girl did, but just once, wasn’t so bad, but I WILL NOT do that again! Got down and carried the dirty kitty into the house and cleaned him off, but he had quite a full tummy. Looks like mister kitty snakced on some mice. Mmmm…

So that was a wonderful upside to this Easter holiday! Thank God. As for how else it went, in the early morning before the whole Nemo rescue occurred, I woke up to see quite the cute little green basket filled with yummy sweets that my sweet mom had got for all of us. The miracles she manages to pull off even with so little is always amazing me. I also got another basket, one with a bunny drawn onto it that also concealed plastic eggs with little things in them as well. But what they don’t know is that I’m going give them a little present in return. Shhh!! Don’t tell anyone!

After that it was then spent with cooking up delicious Polish kielbasa (sausage), meal made my yours truly, and listening the day away with Emilie Autumn and doing the usual weekend homework. Grrrr…. If only I could tear it up, but no, they’re on to me and sadistic nature. Damnit!

<—- Main Course<– Desert

And here are the cute baskets of goodies:

The little rabbit at first, since I didn’t see the nose sort of made me question it, but then I saw the microscopic thing that I then didn’t cock my head to the side in question.

And so, there it is. Time for some Jasmine Tea before sleep.

Tons of Love Bites,