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April 5th – He’s stuck IN the roof! Now, yesterday night was apparently his escape night, not that I would blame him. What with a certain big dog that is always chasing him behind the tail and up a tree, I would do the same. But of course as any worried person would do; I went around the entire neighborhood, walking around with my trusty flash-light calling for him, but the only cat that appeared was an orange and white striped taby. He was a very sweet, and cute kitty. He really loved the attention (I was hoping to take him home with me, but I knew that I already have a zoo in my house at the moment so hopefully soon).

Today, April 6, woke up around 8:30, was able to talk to my love (I was a happy Goth ^,.,^), got up, walked outside, called Nemo and no dice. Not too happy about that, but then around 4 or 5pm my dad calls me and so my long legs took a few strides straight out the door (nearly fell by doing so in a rush -,.,-) and there he was. In the garage meowing like the frightened kitty he was. Now all that is left is for him to drink a ton of water since he became quite dehydrated from his unannounced adventure. Speak of the devil, there he is. The very escape artist himself!

Anywho other than having to go insanely crazy, what with hearing my dad’s philosophical explanaitions on the a cats reason for leaving and my nonna saying that she does not think the cat would return, everything else in the end turned out just fine. Baked some sugar cookies (AGAIN!) O,.,O Someone ate the first batch before I could even have one! Okay, okay so the first batch was done by me and Helen (my other lovely sister). -I know, I must be confusing everyone who comes across my blog with my “sisters” blood and not-blood related. haha

But we did have our fair share of two cookies each from the first batch. ^,.,^ Plus it was her first time baking these cookies with me and she did a marvelous job I might add.

 Here she is and here are the cookieshaha, everytime I turned my back I kept seeing a different sized cookie in her hand. hmmm….-,.,- I think she must have been the little treat taster for a different reason.

So now that I have a whole other second batch of sugar cookies, I’m going to keep my eye’s peeled for who is the plague rat that runs into the kitchen and talks a couple sugar cookies without my consent. Hmmm *puts on stockings and hides with a nice cup of tea*. haha

Tons of Love Bites,