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*Sits in front of mirror and begins to play Emilie Autumn- Opheliac*

So, I was having quite a lovely time yesterday with Jess and Sammi, but I did miss something so very much that I always did since I was a little girl… yes, that is correct- crazy pig tails, crazy hair etc.

Sooo, here it is:

And from Thursday.. though it doesn’t show so well, both Jess and I had our crazy pig tails.

Well, sadly I took this a little too late. So it didn’t look as how it did a few hour before. But there is a next time. ^,.,^

T,.,T *grabs tissue and sniffles*ย Sammi’s littleย note was so sweet. โค I was happy to see them both (Jess and Sammi) have fun yesterday.

Tons of Love Bites,