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Well, I know this is a bit late but I think it seemed quite nice to take a photo of since the rain always has a soothing effect in any part of the day. A little touch of Emilie Autumn- “Time For Tea” and it makes the day all the more better! (What with literally living in a mad house.) But it suits me what with the here and there daily madness there is to live with. It’s an equal weight between not-so-great days and okay or good days. Anywho.. onto the rain photo!

<— my room was so nice and dark. It just felt like a day to sit and watch “Growing Up Creepie.” T,.,T *sniffles* I miss that show! 

And then it was of for a ride to the mall to go and pick up some shoes for my little brother. The ride was nice, but once at the mall it just hit me about just how different I am from the world (society) I live in. Honestly, someone just put me in the victorian era with extremely tight corsets and let that be the end of it all. (Don’t get me wrong, I love corsets and they are a daily part of my life -wardrobe-.)

and un inspiring. It’s as if that’s what society simply says that once you reach a certain age you have to go from being lively and youthful, to being dull and old. As for me.. not a chance!

 I was only in one store since moving about the mall with my mom and little brother to another store would have been only a more time consuming “task.” But, waiting around and just hearing on and on the cries of my little sister whenever her little firugrine died in a game after I beat her in a level was all the more fun. Mwuahahaha!

Tons of Love Bites,