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-You know, you really should be taking it easy and not going on and about running around everywhere, think of your immune system- but I am doing much better, pish-posh. You idiot, go take you medicine and off to bed with you- Go! Shoo. alright, alright. Sheesh.- o,.,o Well, looks like I’ve lost it once again. But in any case, today was a lovely day that began from 8:30 am and ended at 7:20 pm. (It was sad to leave. T,.,T)

I got all Gothed up, and left the house with half an apple in hand and said good-bye and was off walking from my neighborhood to my beloved sisters home. To my surprise, when I got there, -no not really I was expecting her there- haha; my lovely sister Sammi had slept over and there for me to greet good morning to as well as to Jess. ^,.,^ haha, She then made herself look like a Nun. (Sammi, I’ll show that later.) And so we were off with a new partner in crime, were all treated to breakfast by the lovely man. (Jess’ boyfriend.)Β  Went to his home, played the piano (I did the playing, Sammi did the singing with Jess) and then eagerly watched a whole new Anime I was unaware of and now have completely taken interest in. Only thing is… I can’t seem to remember the name. Damnit! >,.,<

After that, it was off to a Anime/Comic Book/Game shop -pretty neat- and then back home. But, then after that, we went to the pet store since, when I arrived to my sisters home, long after we spent a good 20 minutes talking, Sammi mentioned something about a new fish and low-and behold when she went to show it to me it was dead. X,.,X

(Plays funeral song for fishy) It was sad, but at least I didn’t have to be named fish murderer this time. After my little sister, (by blood) did call me for apparently putting all of our big, fat gold fish, one in particular (Mongo) into shock. O,.,o I didn’t mean too! It was my first time taking care of a fish and plus to make matters worse, the damn thing swalloed a pebble and jumped straight into the pool of water and caused internal bleeding to himself. T,.,T I felt horrible, but it wasn’t my fault. (It was partially hers too) -,.,-

And so, after that I bid my lovely sisters farewell and caught the Trolley just in the nick of time and was heading home. After that, I went to the fridge and chowed down on a huge Granny Smith Apple. Yum! And now, it’s off to bed for me since I have classes tomorrow. Good night.

Hmm… who else had a fun day?

Tons of Love Bites,