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Hmm, well I so far plead innocent till proven guilty for all those blood drained boodies, but nah I am not the killer… (shhh…) this is:


Well, I’ve always been dying to actually find a random sign that I would not even fathom it would be located near the doctors, but you would not believe my jumps for joy when I say this sign. haha  Ever since I would see all these funny, or obscene signs just by driving by from Miami to Orlando, or even going through a few other places I never would have thought to actually see one, but ha! I did and I just couldn’t resist. It’s pretty neat, I wish I could have unscrewed it from the post to tell the truth and have taken it home with me. The little killer and the poor victim were just to funny for me to not laugh about it.

Now all I need is my nightly blood bath. hmmm I wonder who to take. *Looks around and ponders whose to be the next victim*

Tons of Love Bites,