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*Running around going insane and searching everywhere like a crazed Joker for black lipstick* Ureka! Found it!

I have indeed made yummy goodies for her on her special day. My beloved Vicky, Munchy I call her since she loves to munch, munch, munch; haha, she has officially now turned 19. Mwuahahaha, I’m the baby of the age group and yet the tallest. Haha. Oh the Irony. Any who, all that is left is to simply stalk her down and give her what she’s wanted, a visit from me to give me her lovely death hugs and I returning tons more along with her presents. Shhh…. do not tell her, but I have 4 gifts for this girl and so far I’m hoping that all goes as planned, unlike today… -,.,- Vicky…, and thanfully I’ll be able to give her little presents and see a big smile take over that evil yet adorable girls face. Hehe ^,.,^

You better be there Vicky or else. -,.,- I’m going to get you. *Sharpens knives* What… it’s for the cake, and maybe a neck or two. Happy Birthday my sweet sister.

Tons of Love Bites,