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Mwuaha, haha, hahahahahaha…. Mwuahahahaha o,.,o Eh, oh. Well, I suppose you’re all wondering as to why I’m laughing insanely with an evil happy twist, and so here is why: So, as how I’ve mentioned that my little rewards I gift myself that I only get once every year is to attend two different AWESOME Conventions with my lovely friends; well including that as always, I have made a very happy and great discovery regarding the new gift I was going to be able to buy this year and I have just saved a great amount for it and hit my goal, and what makes it so wonderful is that I have found my new Goth boots! Trashville Combat Boots- Demonia! YES! *Jumps around and enjoys the fun thoughts of going insane and getting lost at the conventions* haha

It feels so wonderful to reach a goal. Well, that’s one down and tons more that are slowly on their way to completion! All there is left to do is get my 3 day pass and voila- I shall be a happy Goth in my own little world of wonders.

Ahh…. O,.,O Vicky’s Birthday is soon to come! One more day left. Agh, Must think of what to do!… Don’t panic, don’t panic…. okay… Panic. *runs around frantically till hitting a wall and holding a paper to the forehead with tons of ice* Ouch..

Well, let’s hope all your weekend so far has been enjoyable in more ways than one too!

Tons of Love Bites,