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I was really surprised when I got a comment like this, since I hadn’t been asked this question in years, but it’s always fun being asked this sort of question every now and then. Keeps me in thought and happy with being myself and why.
“Hi there Izzy. I just came across your blog. It’s such a gorgeous blog and I don’t know if this is something awkard of not, but you’re the first Goth that I’ve actually responded to, but I’m also afraid because you do sort of look like you would kill someone given the chance. Please not me. Um, but I read your post and wow, that f*ing sucks. I hope you feel 100% better really soon. Oh um, I have a question, what with you being goth and all, um do you come across a lot of people out in public that ask you questions on your outfits or just about everything overall about you being goth? I’m just curious because I wonder how you can just go out in public and be totally cool with just dressing and being yourself. Thanks, Eileen. Oh, I love the “Tons of Love Bites” part! Super Cute. But you don’t mean it do you? o.o”
My answer:
Actually Eileen I was very happy to read your comment and see that question once again. I was always asked that as a little kid and always recieved the weird looks too because I was the weird one of the bunch (in school and out of school). But in answer to your question, yes. I do come across lots of people everywhere I go about my outfits/looks/etc. Half are compliments and the other half are stares and scared expressions from people who, here where I live don’t seem to see many Goths around here, sit as far as possible or walk up to me and ask me things like “I like your style, do you always dress that way?” or from some really rude people “Wow, you look ridiculous. How can you dress so weird? Don’t you know how to dress?” Yes I do. I just dress in a Goth sense and am extremely happy doing so since it suites me better. Plus, it’s what makes me happy! —-(Especially when going out to the mall with friends little kids come up to me and ask me, which this really happened, “Are you a rock star?”. It was so adorable, but I sadly had to tell the little girl no I wasn’t but I do dress this way all the time. It put a big smile on her face. Such a sweetie pie.)—–  I know how to dress in every form, who doesn’t, it only depends how you present yourself in whichever manner you choose too. For instance, if I’m going to go ahead and dress up all formal like, I simply cut down the black lipstick and switch it for a nice deep red and a more goth “normal” look..no craziness basically until I get back home or have nothing important to do dealing with hmmm.. important matters. But even then a lot of people get the message every time, most just have a longer time getting used to the fact that I dress different than they and am different from society and its way of telling you that “you have to be normal and if not we will judge you simply by how you look in your appearance immediately before getting to know you…” type deal. And all the stereotyping shit. Believe me, I’ve dealt with too many idiots that have recieved the bad end of my mood as a response, but when I’m not seeing blood I go ahead and simply smile and give them a clever come-back that leaves them puzzled and even more up-set and myself happy. Mwuahahahahaha! XD Oh, and hmmm.. about my Love Bite closing, yes I do mean it, but to only a certain few who know me enough to understand my humor, but on my blog, simply as a sweet good-bye until the next post. And do not worry, I would not kill you, unless there’s a reason to make you dinner for a pack of hungry wolves or blood suckers. haha No, I’m joking. I love all my commenters/readers/fellow bloggers/blog followers etc. Without them, this blog would pretty much be nothing.
Well, I hope my answer has helped you to understand a little bit of me. Believe me, if I went into it’s full detail, it would be one hell of a post.
Onto making a strawberry and blueberry milkshake.
Tons of Love Bites,