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With being sick and being unable to eat! >,.,<  And just as I knew it, my worst fears were confirmed; my youngest sister (by blood) was sick with a very bad cold, this was while I was in the hospital and when I left. I felt bad to hear that she wasn’t feeling well, but I was more concerned about my own health since it just hit me that- hello…dummy! You’re immune system is seriously down and has to build its self back up- So here I was at home wondering and panicking over and over about trying so very much to not cath that blasted thing. So far so good I thought! Yay! Until this week Monday, March 19.

I was feeling a tad bit of a headache coming on, so here I am thinking “oh, it’s just the small bit of the final phase of my illness from the weeks before, tylenol!” Works, but by 11:20 everything just hurts. Not a happy Goth at that moment, so I go to my final class and bear with it until I arrive home and drown my self with Dayquil, tylenol and anti-biotics. It helped. Tuesday, nothing- yeepee I’m better; must have been a passing thing no worries now.- WRONG!

Night falls, it’s 11:00 pm, and I’m dead tired so I get to bed and await my nightly phone call from my precious love, sadly though I missed his call due to the deep sleep I was in, but apparently not too deep since right on the dot of it being 2:00 am I’m already tossing and turning. Uh-oh..I get up, walk to the bathroom, take a leak, but I refuse to lay down. Not good. Towards the Amoir chair in the living room and a worried dad who just kept asking what was wrong and rubbing my back. A good37 minutes later – bring me the bucket… -okay-; I begin to vomit. I could have sworn I was done with all this annoyance, but apparently I was wrong. T,.,T After the whole ordeal, my mother woke up while I was puking and contacted my doctor and I was scheduled to pay a visit to Dr. S. I went to bed about 20 minutes after calling my love a good 5 times (sorry my sweet love) I think I drive him crazy what with all my calling. So now it was all left for the morning.

……………………………………………………………………………………………………Next Day.. (Today) -,.,-

I didn’t wake up nor get up from my bed till 11:00 (lazy.. no just tuckered out! Yes, yes…) when my dad came to tell me that my mom had called to let me know that I had to leave the house by 12:00 to get to the doctors before 1:00 (that was my appoinment). Done and done. So I was happy with that, and to make things a bit more intresting, my mom and I had a running joke about who was going to tell me, from what I told her, “you’re back?!” or “You must really like me.” or “I could have sworn we were done with our visits?!” and few others. -I won the bet from the joke and my mom got a good kick out of it and tons of laughs- so first my nurse, I love her, she’s very nice and the only one that actually get my vein fast without poke around there for so long when it calls for a blood test, told me that she couldn’t believe I was back. Believe me, I didn’t want to be. -time passes, I get weighed, lost 7 lbs so theres an upside, haha and then into the room I go- And it just so happens, what I told my mom what would happen, happened. Doctor S. said “wow, you must really like me to be back…” so then the whole check up went through, vitals are okay, rapid heart beat though which explains my dizziness, blood pressure: 108 over 72, lovely; VIP blood test was smooth sailing, it was a much needed blood count and I was off. Phew! Although now I’ve been ordered and told to be strictly and only on a fruit smoothie, or milksahake like diet due to my stomach being so hypersensitive. *sigh* Oh well, I can’t complain; at least its fruits.

So, now it’s just a lot of rest and trying not to stress over classes and other things… -,.,-

Well I’m off to make a fruit-shake. -,.,- delicious, but still not my actual diet. yay… Anywho, I’m off. Till next time’s post. I’m off to listening to some Wumpscut- Embryodead.

Tons of Love Bites,