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And this Goth has been up to elbows in thought and the ever so yummy smell of homemade brownies, by mom. Mmmm, *rubs tummy* you know it’s delicious with mommy love. haha

Anywho, it’s Sunday night and to a lot of people that means “Noooooo!! Boo Hoo! I do not want to go back to school/work/etc.. plus that means it will be Monday. Agh, damnit. I hate Mondays.” But hey, I don’t see how it is that this one little day is considered as something to dread here. As how I see everyone do. And they call me weird. haha (I am) ^,.,^

*Cranks up the music and plays some Psyche*

So, instead of sitting on your butt get up and do something. It’s Sunday, that means it’s the closing to that one week and onto a new one. Come up with a fun day, or do something that will make you cheer up and get all hyper. *Grabs a big cookie and takes one hell of a bite* Mwuahahaha!! Time to go crazy. Well, I already did what with running around outside and jumping up and down like Herman Munster (The Munsters: Father to Eddie Munster/Husband to Lily Munster) and hoping to not be the next person to go fetch the frisbee that I would throw accidentally outside of the yard. haha, hey I don’t know my own strength, oh well. Haha, but just as I feared it finally came a turn that I had to walk out my beautiful yard to go get that frisbee before a car ran it over along with me. Literally. o,.,o Dumb ass. Miami is full of a lot of rude drivers. No matter what anyone says, it’s true and we all know it.

But I did have my chance of going nutsy coo-coo. It was the deliciousness of that yummy brownie I tell you! I’m innocent I didn’t take two. Honest. -Liar- But it was yummy, and it is now in my tummy. haha *licks lips*

So, Sunday.. though a closing, treat it as something different. As another day of rest and then the rest of the week put on a wicked smile (devilish or not) ^,.,^ and go on and think of the rest of the week as it going great! It works lots of times! I just have it work for me in a different sense. A more Gothic sense! ^,.,^ haha ❤

Well, it’s off to bed. Sweet Dreams. Nighty night.

Tons of Love Bites,