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It’s St.Patrick’s Day and it’s a Saturday. Here I am minding my own business finishing up a painting and then playing around with stockings, that out of nowhere a tiny little man walks up to me and decided to pinch me while telling me “you’re not wearing green, so pinch!” Although, it was no little man wearing green.. it was my little brother who walked to me and decided to keep the pinching spirit and remind me of the fond memories of being a little girl back in middle school wearing a green choker to prevent being pinched, but somehow got pinched yet pinched back those who did. I was a happy little one.

And so ironically enough, what with it being the day to keep the color of green a priority and a must in spirit; I had been going batty/insane/nuts/etc. over anything green (aka: veggies). Since my stomach decided to go back a step on Thursday; it has now only made the chance of eating something green even less likely for the time being. Damn you stomach. >,.,< Why can’t you just stick to getting better and staying better. -It’s getting back to normal slowly crazy! Learn to be patient silly girl.-  *Sigh* Well, patience is definitely not a strong quality of mine, but it’s a decent one. Just taking its time..haha -murmurs to self- damn it all.. um o,.,o eh, well, anywho. I’m off to finish up some mathematics like the nerdy Goth that I am, but hey I’m happy with doing great in my assignments especially since being in college. Onwards!

Oh, don’t forget to wear some green and avoid being pinched. -,.,- I know I am.

haha, I just couldn’t resist! ^,.,^

Tons of Love Bites,