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*Stretches out the legs and arms and takes in a deep breathe* “Simply breathe taking” “Izzy who are you talking to?” o,.,o “Ehh…. no one. No one at all, just myself!” “Um, okay…” “Phew.” -,.,-

Anywho! I’m back and am quite the happy Goth! So, since being discharged from that very nice, caring hospital, (that kept me in a small purgatory for a confinement of 6 days) that had taken care of me extremely well, I am now getting back to the old/new self and recovering with beautiful results! Legs are still a bit wobbly, so, -yeah, go on say it…. okay okay!- I can’t wear any of my beloved and terribly missed Gothic platform heels, nor boots. T,.,T But, the wait is worth it, so for now something less “uplifting”, wow I’m awful, and something comfy. (Found just the thing! Yay! <3)

So, I’ve definitely missed being on my blog and recieving comments and questions, and just seeing all the other bloggers and their blogs to keep my endless wondering mind of who knows what’s inside… -(o,.,o There is too much in that girls brain, you don’t want to venture in through those wrought iron gates in this mind..) -,.,- I am not that bad, o,.,o It’s a lie, don’t listen to her.. hey!- busy and entertained with more knowledge, reads, and tons of fun, exciting topics. But I have kept myself busy with some crafting, it is indeed good for the soul, but this soul leans more towards, kitchen, art, hand’s-onΒ related projects and tons of festivals! -Conventions, Mera Luna, Triton Fest., ect..-

I’ll post these little crafts on seperate posts. -Well, what are you waiting for?!, I’m going!- sheeesh… o,.,o

So, onwards shall we?

Tons of Love Bites,