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Well, hopefully I don’t begin arguing with myself, I can give myself quite a headache, o,.,o, damn, but onto the first craft I had done, while being out sick. Bleh. >,.,<

So, I’m quite the unsual “tinker” when it comes to making new little doodads, or pieces for a little piece to an outfit when I comes to me attending my lovely convention days, and have a lot of fun doing so. Here’s one that a lot of people, that I know, like to make and have fun with, but a lot of people find it weird when I mention to them you might want to see how big your cat’s neck is for this little project. Haha, don’t get, well let’s see how your cat will feel once removed from that horrid cat colar and sees you wearing it. I wonder who’s going to be TOP cat around the house then?!

– This is not my siamese Mimi.

Let’s begin! Ooh, with some music from Rheingold- Fan Fan Fanatisch


  • Cat Colar (Any will do as long as they fit your neck. o,.,o Don’t get one that is barely 10″ – WARNING! YOU WILL CHOKE!!- you have been warned.
  • at least a 14″ piece of string -you will be cutting it to a reasonable length-
  • Scissors

Here we go:

Here’s a pretty Cat colar I had lying about, I don’t put colars on my cat, so why not find a better use for it?! The reason for the piece of string is because you might need to cut the colar in two to lengthen it. Here’s what I mean.

 This colar was held togethr by a small elstic string, so to make length wise for a human neck, snip snip, it had to go.

 Some string, and so, connect the two individual colar parts, tie the ends, and voila!  You have your self a Choker.

 Yeah, I don’t look happy since I did this right when I  was becoming ill. >,.,<

Next craft… -you know you’re going to drive them crazy with thise nonsense right?… -,.,- I may and may not, but that is entirely up to them, besides, give me a break! I was sick for two weeks damnit! Still bodily weak here… yeah, yeah… why you!…-

Tons of Love Bites,