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Hello my beloved and extremely missed bloggers! Your beloved Goth girl is back. So I’ve had quite a lot happen to me over the last two weeks. Been very ill since the 26 of February, but this viral illness did not begin nor get to it’s full intensity since the night of the 26. Boo hoo. So, since that occurred I had been waking with horrible, intense headaches, non-stop vomiting and being unable to eat anything all due to this damn virus. Yuck! Here’s what happened though.

Parents didn’t know what was wrong, so it was time for the doctor to see what was up. So I was off to see Doctor Schwartz. I was told the pain may have been caused because of a knot in my neck, but it turns out the medicine given to me for that did nothing and I only got worse and then was sent back the day after for a blood work to see what was wrong. Results came back negative, but my body took a turn for the worse and by Saturday morning, I’d say March 3rd, I was emmited to the ER. As soon as I got there, I honestly can say that I did NOT like it one bit! I layed on the mobile bed, was taken to get a CAT Scan, that was negative too, had more blood work done, was negative too and then the most annoying and most painful, had a spinal tap done. Which a spinal tap is when they go into your spine, with a lovely needle I might add, to take out your spinal fluid, mine was clear which is great since that’s how it’s suppposed to be, which, what was painful about the experience was the part when I felt them actually “take” the spinal fluid from my spine and feel it flow right through. I had that done at least eight times so I remember. The doctor had to literally hold me as a ball in order to have the nurse take out the fluid.

So, after that, I remembered that they put me straight on that, oh so wonderful, Morphine that calmed my aweful headache and which made me sleep all throughout the night till, hmmmm, I’d say 6:30 pm of the following day was when I woke up, and then was back with the headache and the routine of vomiting like an insane monster.

I was not able to eat anything, couldn’t really move (hated that ALOT) >,.,<, was attached to strong medication and IV 24/7, had blood work done every morning at 6am (ugh) and had to sit in bed, when I could, and was tortured by watching the days go by from my window and seeing my mom being able to eat actual food, while I could not. T,.,T But, enough of that silly business, thankfully, the long awaited answer of the last test result to come back had finally arrived yesterday, negative, and that was when I got the woderful news: “Isabel, you are aloud to go home.” Weehooo!!! I was so ecstatic! I couldn’t believe my ears! I could finally go home! Six and a half days of staying in a hospital was quite enough for this Goth and so I was finally discharged from the hospital, March 8,  with that wonderful news and a lovely smile back on my face!

Yup, you know me too well, here are some photos of my lovely time at the hospital: (What I could take that is)

Finally the big day to leave! I look dead. o,.,o

Well, I have yet to feel completely 100% up to shape and as healthy how I felt before. Till next post.

Tons of Love Bites,

Izzy ^,.,^