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Saturday is finally here, well Saturday night now, but the morning was great and wonderful for a time at the beach. Just about anywhere in Florida, the ocean usually stays above 80 °F (27 °C) throughout summer. All along the entire Florida Gulf Coast the water’s consistently warm, with temperatures varying by only one or two degrees from beach to beach. But for someone who mostly goes to the beach during the summer; going to the beach with friends during the middle of February, with ocean waters at a degree of 67-70 °F, and shivering like a maniac is not a fun thing to do most of the time. But in all, I had a lovely time and, getting to my point, was safe from burning like red crab out in the sun. (Thank you clouds and sunscreen) Oh, you can still burn even when there is “shade” from hovering clouds. It is nothing new nor mysterious.

Onto the real topic, as I had mentioned in yesterdays post about posting the link and talking about 3 other skin care products, I will do that in tonight’s post as I promised.

The link to the candles, if anyone is curious is:

Soy Delicious Moisturizing Candles 305.302.2262 www.Soy-Delicious.com maggie@soy-delicious.com  (e-mail for any who wish to learn more.)

Now then, onto the more recent skin care products for tonight, these three are extremely handy and found in your own kitchen: Vitamin E, Olive Oil, and eggs. haha I know, I know.. “Izzy you’ve lost it for sure now.” hmm… maybe, but I think not.

Vitamin E:

As you age wrinkles are unsightly and unavoidable. Every single woman, girl, and men, yes, some men too… are always self-concious about having wrinkles, so here are some helpful tips on how to put Vitamin E to good use.

Contains antioxidants

Preventing premature wrinkles is easy because of the antioxidant properties in alpha-tocopheryl Vitamin E. Antioxidants fight for your body and neutralize radicals in your body. These free radicals are unbalanced and unstable molecules which may lead to the breakdown of body tissues, including the collagen on the dermis of your skin. A small quantity of free radicals is not harmful, but as you age, these free radicals also grow in number. They enhance with prolonged exposure to sunlight as well. With vitamin E, these free radicals can be neutralized, thus protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful radiation and preventing the wrinkles that appear with age.

Take advantage of the Vitamin E benefits, with a choice of rubbing your skin with Vitamin E oil, swallowing a capsule, or eating foods loaded with Vitamin E.

Vitamin E Oil:

  • Rub into skin (forehead, side of the mouth, hands etc..) before going to bed for best results.
  • Helps reduce Scarring (believe me I should know.. I am quite the accident prone)
  • Can apply once or twice a week

And eat foods that contain Vitamin E such as: grapes, dark and leafy greens,broccoli, nuts, olives, legumes, whole grain, milk, eggs… etc..

Olive Oil: Now in Italy, we honestly, as many people know, use this wonderful kitchen item for nearky everything, even skin.

Olive oil contains vitamin E and is good for skin health, proven efficacious makes the skin smoother and younger looking. The monounsaturated oil content in it is very useful to eliminate the black spots on the skin. By consuming olive oil, the skin will feel tighter, smoother and healthier. So you can simply dab it onto the skin directly. Might feel weird at first, but it is # 1 in my book always!

Lastly is the egg:

Now, at first when I found out about this little technique; I was bemused and shocked. I can ubderstand Vitamin E, Olive Oil, and Soy Candles, but an egg.. no. Until I came a cross an article to prove this method as well as a video about it on youtube. Basically it is as if you were making your own face mask to help tone the skin, tighten it and make it look healthy, this is a wonderful trick for when the summer comes along and the skin becomes oily. But the way it works, well I’ll let this video show the process.

Well, I hope this becomes useful to most who are curious and always wanting to learn something knew on caring for you health, and skin.

Tons of Love Bites,