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The skin! *ding ding ding!* Correct! And the prize goes to the Goth girl with the toothy smile. haha ^,.,^

Anywho, other than my crazy rambles, you are all well aware I am very crazy over the health of my skin; and health over all. So, I have three things to mention to anyone who wishes to keep healthy skin. This may apply more towards women, but I’ve come across tons of lovely Goth boys who take care of their skins beautifully. They’ve made mommy proud. haha So, first off, definitely have your daily dose of vitamins! That means all. Whether you know it or not, you come across every single vitamin everyday, just in different forms and in different ways. That’s one; two, what with the way the sun’s heat rays have become more “potent” for the skin, i.e greater cause of skin cancer, it is EXTREMELY important for many to use sunblock, or sun lotion. How ever they call it. Third, as for keeping the skin soft, silky, and always hydrated; and for those who love keeping a lovely pale palor as I, definitely drink as much fluids every day. At least, as how most recommend, eight glasses of water is suffice. But I’m a water guzzler, so I myself have to be careful with that since you CAN die from drinking too much water. Remember, too much of a good thing is also bad for you.

Here are three products that I recommend to a lot of people, who are then amussed at just how well it worked for them:

 Being more European and having that very pale Polish skin, I tend to burn in the sun a lot! >,.,< Aghhh…. So I use Olay complete SPF 30 for the face, but also on the rest of my body sometimes as well. But for the body I use SPF 70.. o,.,o yeah, I know. Who the hell would have thought. eh.

 Now here’s my favorite skin buddy! Burt’s Bees Cranberry & Pomegranate Sugar Scrub. I always go for products that have extremely little to no harmful chemicals combined with the product its self. Just the same with cooking. Everything I make has to be made straight from the house. Homemade is the best after all. Now, the sugar scrub looks something like this:

 It might look weird and probably not something many are use to, but it: • Polishes and conditions with exfoliating Sugar Crystals, Pomegranate Oil, Cranberry Seed and Shea Butter • Leaves skin with a clean glow • and has a Sweet fragrance. But do be careful! It’s recommended to be used in the shower, but what you need to be careful with is that it can make things very slippery. So be on your toes.

Lastly, but certainly not least, is something that I can honestly wager that NO ONE would have thought could be used for a skin moisturizer as well. But keep in mind, it has to be specifically this product. Give up guessing what it is? It’s a candle. I know what you’re thinking.. “Izzy you’re insane. How can a candle help or even be put to use for something like that? Have you lost your brain?” haha, No I assure you I have not. But this is why I mentioned it has to be specifically this product.

Ta Da! Now you see the difference?! Good. This my little darlings, is a Soy moisturizing candle- Gardenia Scented. Now, I have at leat six others, and they work wonders as a replacement for just ordinary lotion. Just, don’t burn yourself. The wax won’t solidify that quickly, due to the use of soy and moisturizers within the candles. Now, I bought this here in Florida, at Fairchild Tropical Garden, where I volunteer at, for events. I have been very satisfied with the results by using this lovely candle too. As for the company name that makes this lovely candle, I will post that tomorrow along with a few other things about the skin. So this weekend is all about knowing how to care for the skin. Very important.

So, go out and try to find some of these products, the candle info I shall post, and see if they work for you. Remember you don’t have too, but try it and give it a go and see if it’s good for you. Oh, before I go “over-and-out,” one other natural, botanical personal care products from another company that I am extremely contempt with is; Arbonne. Here’s the link to Arbonne products, but mostly the information and history about it and what it truly is.


Tons of Love Bites,