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Someone hand me some Duct Tape, Crazy Glue, Super Glue and some black lace. I think I’m falling apart. o,.,o Ahhhh!

A visit to the doctors might be a must. -,.,-

Now, I’m not honestly falling apart to the point of needing repair and stitches, thank God! But there have been a few things happening lately that should not be occurring. So, as how most people know that I am very health conscious about taking care of the body, eating right (in a healthy manner i.e. Montignac Method which is what I’ve been doing now for nearly 4 months), taking care of the skin, excercising, being fit, etc.; they know I really stick to what I do and rarely ever change my day-to-day routine, unless I know it’s harmful and/ or bad for me in general. But lately, for the past three days whenever I take in a breadth, or even breathe out I’ve been having some sharp pain in my rib cage and chest. Now, excluding my regularly cracking bones and joints(it’s normal for my body apparently) I’ve always been the weird one, haha; this pain I would get every year, RARELY though, but it never stayed this long! Hopefully with some Advil or Motrin (same thing) the pain will subside and I’ll go back to breathing without pain. *crosses fingers* >,.,< Aghhh!!! The ribs!! I really don’t need this pain right now.

Well… Let’s just hope it gets better. ^,.,^

Tons of Love Bites,