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haha. Alright, well I don’t have the clothes and the katana ninja swords for him, yet, but I honestly think he’s going kamakazi on me.  Here he is.. well to tell the truth, we’re not sure what sort of gender “it” is really. We’ve been told so many ways to tell the difference between a female turtle and a male turtle, but with having a red-eared slider it’s a little difficult to tell. o,.,o I think this is one of the reasons for his crazy kamakazi behavior around the house.

Anywho…. Yesterday I carried out his tank with my mom, gave it a nice wash along with his dock (his floatation device to “sun bath”). I put him on top of a 36 in. tall table big enough for him to stay on, but as soon as I turn my back, my ninja turtle jumps off with his legs flatened out, with some “stop, drop and roll action!” o,.,o He gave me one hell of a heart-attack. Considering that he fell straight onto the ground. “Ahhh! Turtle!” But thankfully he was safe, stupid reptile. Now he is safely back in his tank enjoying his clean aquatic home once again. Until the next tank clean-up. -,.,-

Here’s the little Devil:

Wink! ^,.,^

Tons of Love Bites,

Izzy ❤