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Things never turn out as they seem, and it only doubles that meaning itself when I’m around. So what happened? My sister Helen and I got locked outside of her house and I had to stick my head and shoulders through the window to see where the keys were. “They’re on the table.” “Fuck” “You’re telling me” “Okay push me through.” Now, I wasn’t expecting this, but we ended up pulling a little stunt that no one had guessed upon. haha

So…. I pushed her through the window and slowly but surely she went right through, but almost fell off the small table and nearly took me with her. So once again… “Quit pushing!” “You’re going to fall if I don’t push your butt through….it’s not my fault that got stuck!” “Oh… well what can I do about it… It’s not my fault my bum doesn’t get through.” T,.,T haha She really did nearly get jammed right there. haha ^,.,^ But.. she got the keys and opened the door and we entered right in and then just fell on the floor laughing about it.

So, that was yesterday. Oh and we also got lukcy and found money too on the outside fence of her home. haha I knew I was going to find something yesterday. Just didn’t know when. haha

Tons of Love Bites,

Izzy ^,.,^