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Ever since I had listened to him, Voltaire, in the 7th grade I was hooked and his music is definitely one for anyone with a macabre sense of humor! haha Anywho, here’s a song that most of the time you can’t seem to get out of your mind. Sorry for doing this if that happens, but it’s just too good. I honestly wish that this could be my entry song to any room I enter. haha.

Oh; some time last weekend, while I was helping take out the christmas tree (yeah, it’s been living for that long in my house, but hey at least it smells nice), I found my dad in the living room with a large, dark object that had limbs or some sort or extended ligament that was shaped quite oddly for me. So I walked closer and to my amazment it was my dog Jojo. He’s a big puppy, but I never expected him to be THAT big from far.

Here’s the ham himself:

Spoiled pup… -,.,-

o,.,o Oh my!

Well, there’s the big lug. It is 12:00am and time for this little bat to get her sleep on. *into the pj’s, pajamas, night clothes… agh.. whatever they are called.* >,.,<

Good night!

Tons of Love Bites,