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It’s is now February 14 and I had thought of making this Valentines sort of interesting with baking some little blood red goodies. Was happy with how they came out infact. Just wish I could have sunk my fangs into them sooner. Damn. I knew I should have snuck one away. -,.,- But hey, no worries! I had fun making them with my younger sibling (actual sibling by blood). Although, it wasn’t so funny when I got powdered sugar blown into my face. That just made me throw flour at her. Haha. Izzy:1, Sister:0.

Anyway, after all the baking an bringing together of my gothic goodies filled with my “love” for my sister (not blood related) I was off an took them, well one of them their box of blood red cupcakes. The other two I’m bringing their’s tomorrow. If not I’ll show them actual love bites from a ticked off Goth.

Creating the Blood Red goodies:

 No make up.. but pale skin is always a lovely one.

 Getting there..


And here are the two for the two tomorrow:

Happy Valentines Day, Hope it was filled with lots of dark, blood red yummies.

Tons of Love Bites,

Izzy ^,.,^