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Alright. So here’s a simple question which I hope MANY can answer: Do you know who Mel-Brooks is? and What his career is?

Pretty simple right!? Well, to my shocking surprise (i.e the title) I have officially met someone, who mind you grew up in the same time of the early 1990’s as I did, that DOES NOT know who the hell Mel-Brooks is! O,.,O This is and outrage! I mean, who cannot know about the most commical comedian/director/producer/actor of all time! I mean come on, he is not that hard to not hear about what-so-ever. But no. I somehow managed to actually recieve a comment, to some sort of link I had shared with a friend, that read “Cool. I don’t know what your style of music is, but if you want to introduce me to it that’s even better.” Now, at first I was I was wondering what this was referring to so I had asked what they were talking about and this convo goes into a whole thing on nothing until I ask “Do you know who Mel-Brooks is?” Now, I know ignorance is truly becoming of people, none-the-less the generation of today, but I was just completely dumb-founded when a this person, of my age group, did not know who Mel-Brooks was/is.

I know society today is very ignorant, especially with those who do not read much because they think it to be boring, but you cannot actually be so dumb to limit yourself to so little knowledge. Honestly, what happened to the whole thing of wanting to have fun, explore, know more, learn? Did everyone just become a simple couch potato and decide that life will hand them everything in a silver platter without any trial and errors to go through. In truth, I find it quite sad. And that ignorant idgit of a human being is truly one that has honeslty made my brain do some sort of double-flip of stupidity and go into a baby phase of confusion and look up a self-made definition of a baffoon! -,.,-

Let me know if you’ve ever met anyone that irking.

Tons of Love Bites,

Izzy! ^,.,^