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It’s finally Friday, and I’ve been dying for it. Although, I wasn’t really expecting to become a Gothic hairstylist for mine and Jess’ beloved sister Sammi. *Grabs CD and plays Abney Park- “The Wrong Side” and starts dancing.* Oh, wait.. One cannot dance while having sharp objects in one hand while cutting hair… o,.,o “Ahh… Izzy! The hair!” “Eh… oh, Sorry!” … Phew. Anywho, in the end (no I didn’t do any such actions with scissors in my hands… maybe) her hair came out looking like a spiky boy cut, with bangs. The best reference I can give to the look I’m referring to is the one of Halley Berry “Cat Woman.” Purrfect if I do say so myself.

 This is the hair cut I was referrencing too.

The weather was lovely too, until the sun came out from behind the cloud when I was on the Trolley. >,.,< Agh…. I had to walk in the Sun and fry. Damnit! Where is there sun lotion when you need it. But in all, it was still nice. Getting some rays of Vitamin D is a good thing, but it’s bad when it’s an overdose. As is everything. But after the hair cut we were off to the stores to see some little things for some trinket ideas, but sadly, and shockingly enough I hadn’t known of this until yesterday; was that the Michaels Art Shop that I was at Wednesday had apparently caught fire about a half hour after I had left. T,.,T I was devistated, but relieved that I had gone before hand. This Goth has too many things in mind to do and I’m going to do them all and enjoy it!

The Sun! It burns!: XD

 No make-up! haha… *gasp* o,.,o

But thankfully there’s always an upside to things, and to that, the upside is this adorable little kitten and a group of puppies that wrapped their cute little claw and paws around my heart on Thursday. I wish I could have taken her home, the little kitten, but I already have as you know my own little mischievous trio; but recording this spunky kitty was defintely the highlight of the day! ^,.,^

Spunky Kitten and Puppies:

They are all so cute!

As for news on the brick sized bruise, well, it’s color is just beginning to pop out and it’s not a muscle that I bruised.. oh no, miss Izzy had to go ahead and bruise her bone. So now, there’s a funny looking bump on my Tibia. (I hope you know what that is. Otherwise, I will be shocked! o,.,o Not to mention devistated.) x,.,x

And so, I bid you all a lovely good night and a Happy Friday! ❤ I need an ice bag. -,.,-

Tons of Love Bites,

Izzy ^,.,^