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So, this post was going to be for yesterday, but I wasn’t around on the computer. It’s good to take a break from electronics. Annny way; it was rush to get to the train after having my fun at Michaels Art Shop. I was so happy I caught it at the time I did, since it was about to leave within the last three seconds. Yes! *Grabs score board* One for the Goth and zero for the train. haha. So, throughout the whole day it was a beautiful cloud filled afternoon full of taking a trip to library and having a wonderful time playing outside with no sunlight, with the little brother and a friend, but not so much fun with recieving a bruise nearly the size of a brick. Now that really hurt. Have yet to show that photo, but here’s another bruise that I had just found on my leg that I hadn’t even noticed until two days ago. But there was an upside to having endured my brick sized bruise, medium rare steak! Just the way I love it with a nice ooze of blood. Yes, I really love it! *Licks lips* Yummy! ^,.,^

Here’s my way to the train and trolley: (It was a close call) o,.,o

 (This is the train station that I stop at to get on the Trolley which is in the photo… sadly, there is no photo of the train since it left northbound before I could take a photo. T,.,T)

  (Heading home)

And here’s one of the bruise on my legs: The small one that is…-,.,-

 Yes.. I am this pale. Shocking! haha. No, I simply love being pale, plus I just simploy burn in the sun!  Yeah, for someone who lives in Florida, you’d expect them to be tan, well here’s this one Polish/Italian/Panamanian girl that isn’t! And I love it, plus.. being more European has a lot to do with the skin. ^,.,^ Yay pale skin!

Well, Time to go.. Oh, but this is the lovely rare steak before I go. I do love this picture of it.

 yummy! ^,.,^

Till tomorrow.

Tons of Love Bites,

Izzy G.H.A.B.W

Sorry for the nonsense…