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I’ve always been one who has never stopped at learning anything new, especially when being self taught. So, about an hour or two ago, I had been listening (and still am) to a favorite Gothic band of mine: Lord Of The Lost; and listening to one of the songs, it got me thinking… ‘Just how long has it been since I learned a new song on the piano by ear and how long has it been since I played my beloved instrument!?’ And so, I got back on my little scavenger hunt from a couple months before to find a song that caught my interest and intrigued me to the point of eagerly devouring it! I’m close, I can feel it! One thing’s for sure, this Goth isn’t giving up her self-taught talents ANY time soon! Actually… Not EVER.

Here’s Lord Of The Lost- “Dry The Rain” (Other than my beloved Gothic love -he makes me go insane in Goth Heaven-, the singer, Chris “The Lord” Harms, takes me to Goth Heaven too!) It’s that Goth girls little monster inside that wants to jump out!


Well, it’s time for this night walker to turn in before it becomes too late to wake up for college tomorrow.

Tons of Love Bites,

Izzy G.H.A.B.W