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It’s finally Sunday! Yay! “Izzy why are you yelling!?” “Is there a reason to be yelling!” “No. Infact there’s only a reason for crying since it’s soon Monday once again!” F*ck. *puts head down and walks away*… Okie Dokie, anyway, after my little craziness, I decided to make this Sunday more fun and ignore the crazy arguments that always seem to happen, good thing is that there weren’t much today what-so-ever. *Jumps around in circles* Yay! Oh… ah… well now.. Everyone knows that pretty much everybody dislikes Sundays for one particular reason; it’s the last day of the beautiful weekend and the beginning to the dreaded weekday… *sound effects* Monday. But hey, no need to get so depressed and bat shit crazy over that, and to avoid it, I pretty much started off with a whole new idea for Sunday to make it seem enjoyable, which it worked! It made it even better with starting off the morning with making some Ojaldra! (I’ll put that recipe up in another post.)

        Yummy! They were delicious, but of course it was the same fight to the starting line of trying to get one for myself to enjoy. T,.,T This is only part that sucks about being the eldest, but hey.. I was sneaky enough to eat one before hand. Win.

After breakfast, I sat down went ahead and finished up some homework for college (have to get that done you know) and then gave the dog a bath and made funny bubble faces on her. I can’t wait to post those, they were a laugh, but I caught one of her yawning and my, oh my does she have some pearly whites in the mouth of hers!  “yaaaaaawwwnnn!” Ahhh.. don’t eat me! Nahh, she’s harmless.

After that, it basically consisted of some crafts, finishing up a painting and posting here on my blog. But now of course I just realized that I’m running out of my botanical face cleanser…. ahhh.. must run to Bed, Bath Beyond stat!

Till Monday!

Tons of love bites,

Izzy G.H.A.B.W ^,.,^

  No make-up. Must always keep the skin healthy! Especially delicate, pale skin at that.